Tuesday, December 8, 2009

19) The notice

"You can't become a poet unless you feel the pain"

Tenth was my board class. Hence, the wave of writing decreased in pace. But never stopped. Entire 10th class contributed me at most 3 or 4 poems. I was a bit concentrated on fetching up marks that year. My high school also didn't permit me to have time for writing down poems too much. Still, another wave came in the mid of eleventh when I started loving a girl. It instigated to write down few more poems. But the load of studies curbed down that wave also. In my entire Eleventh and twelfth, I could not write poems more than 10 or so. And now college? Lets see, what I make up in future. So far, most of my poems have emerged out for Magazine board only.

Here I have uploaded my 18 poems out of about 80 to 90 in count. Most of my poems are lost, burnt or just thrown away. I never cared to put 'em up in a collection. They just used to be in random loose pages, rough copies etc. This is my post number 19 on this blog and now on, I am gonna have a count of the poems I upload.

"I WON'T upload all my poems of PAST or FUTURE, in effect from today".
-Dec 8, 2009

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Nitin Grewal

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